Yildirim Beyazit University (Business School) – project coordinator (TR) 

YBU is a public university in Ankara, Turkey, which was established in 2010. The Business School’s mission is to explore and disseminate knowledge, encourage innovation, and contribute to the economic, social, and cultural development of society. Thus, the School offers undergraduate and graduate programs, and has established a research centre that caters to the contemporary needs of business, and develops research projects. For more information:

Contact info: Abdulkadir Hiziroglu



UBITED (International Science, Innovation, Technology and Educational Support Association) Partner (TR)

UBITED is an NGO established at Sakarya,Turkey. UBITED members are from all levels of education and within its activities training courses, open door days, group seminars, tea talks in Sakarya and Istanbul are included. UBITED also supports teachers and students to use assistive technology and educational resources in order to implement individualized educational goals. UBITED promotes and protects the human rights of people with intellectual and developmental disabilities and actively supports their full inclusion and participation in the community throughout their lifetimes. UBITED is targeting in adaptation of elderly people to transformations of educational, technological and physical environment through improvement of their communicational and social skills, exchange of experience and know-how of good practices in national and international level. For more information:

Contact info: Kerem Tolga Saatcioglu



CASGEM (Center for Labor and Social Security Training and Research) – Partner (TR)

CASGEM is an Affiliated Body of Ministry of Labor and Social Security in Turkey. As a pioneer institution on developing national and international policy for solving problems on work and employment in the light of academic and technologic developments, CASGEM carries out training, research and consultation activities to provide safe work places and to support national economy and development for sustainable work peace in Turkey. For more information:

Contact info: Mehmet Altunbas


logomca BIG(3)


Marie Curie Association – MCA, non-profit NGO – main activities are directed toward people with different type and stage of disabilities (PwDs) , primarily in the spheres of their employment, professional orientation, consulting and training. MCA is working also with elderly people in order to improve their abilities for independent living during the Third stage of their life. MCA has managed and coordinated several national and international projects in the field of ODL and e-learning, career guidance, prequalification, employment, laboured law consultancies, mentoring, key competencies training, production of serious educational games, networks of employers of disability, education and employment mostly for PwDs at graduate and managerial levels and elderly people and all have had an emphasis on IT and web-resources, paper-based materials, video, multimedia, sign language. For more information:

Contact info: Maria Goranova


logo interprojects


Interprojects is an SME situated in Smolyan, Rodopi mountain region of Bulgaria. The team of the company has extensive expertise in the field of quality assurance, quality management, consultancy on standardization and quality standards as well as internal and external evaluation both during National and European projects and initiatives. The goal of the company is to provide help and assistance to as many as possible with the best quality. In recent years they have set up concise informal and non-formal trainings for Voluntary bodies. For more

Contact info: Vasilka Sabeva




IKME -Socio-political Studies Institute- was registered in 2002 in Cyprus as a Non Governmental Organisation aiming to contribute to the prevalence of freedom, democracy and the European values. The main goals that IKME has set to promote are: Organization, promotion support of activities relevant to the research and study of social, political and economic trends, phenomena and problems; Education and training in relevant subjects for personnel involved in social political and professional Organisations as well as other independent Groups; Assembling, functioning and development of political and social groups working in favour of the public and the social economy, the environment and civilization in Cyprus and globally. For more information:

Contact info: Orestis Tringides



EDOS Foundation Partner (NL)

Edos Foundation initiates training courses, workshops, projects and other educational activities to stimulate and facilitate the personal and professional development of adults who are professionally or voluntary active in the field of adult education, youth work and welfare work. Our key staff has a wide experience in national and international projects concerning recognition of non-formal learning in voluntary work. EDOS Foundation is a young and at the moment still small organisation with a large network on national and international level. For more

Contact information: Guus Bremer